About B.O.P.

Then night skies never bring a dull moment for me.

The night skies never bring a dull moment for me.

Originally I am from Bristol, Tennessee in the northeast part of the state and deep within the Smoky Mountains.  At an early age I moved to Colorado where there was never a shortage of breathtaking views.  Anything from the sites in and around Colorado Springs, to various parts of the Arkansas River, to the snow capped peaks in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  Nature was all around me and I enjoyed exploring these great locations and taking it all in.  Currently living in Prescott, Arizona the area, to a degree, reminds me of my childhood growing up in Colorado.

Expression and creativity are two things that have always followed me through life.  At an early age I was an individual that would often be found with pencil and sketchpad in hand, whether ‘doodling’ or working on a project that took days and weeks, I was happiest when I turned on the creative mind.

In addition to my drawing I enjoyed snapping pictures of places I went, things I saw, or family events.  Rarely did you find me in any pictures, but “photography” didn’t come until later.  The curiosity first came about during a summer trip to Washington D.C.

I currently reside in Arizona where I moved in 1989.  After growing up in Colorado it took some time to understand the beauty the desert southwest has to offer.  I bought my first digital camera which was an Olympus C-700 in 2001 (which I still have today, but don’t use) and it opened a whole new world of photography for me.   There was no more hauling rolls of film down, waiting with anticipation for them to be developed, and most of all it gave me more control of the image I wanted to capture.  Like drawing, I found that photography was a way of expressing myself.  Finding the balance of light and the blend of colors were something I had experience in, but my passion became a new medium in the form of a camera.

The majority of my photographs, over the last 20 years, have been of the outdoors.  Like my childhood when I was exploring the lake’s edge or taking that path through the hills, I never get tired of what Mother Nature has to offer.  Whether it be a sunset (and there are some fine ones in Arizona), an attractive landscape, wildlife, plants and flowers, or the endless skies and the heavens above, I enjoy photographing them all.  Over the last couple years I have expanded into photographing architecture here and there, the straight lines and sharp angles draw me in.  The variety of things you can find from the largest of buildings, to a pier, or even a small section of any of the above…..the opportunities are endless.  I have always been one who likes to challenge myself and recently turned to portraiture (photographing people).  Capturing the emotion the subject is feeling and having that show in the photograph itself is fantastic.

In 2012 I took all this energy and passion and formed Brian Oakley Photography.  I continue to grow my portfolio as well as perfect my craft.  My goal is to evoke the same emotion from you with my photos as I felt when I took them.

As I continue on this journey I will always be seeking that special place, moment, or individual to share with everyone.  I welcome you as you “peer into my vision”™.

Brian Oakley